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Thumbelina is a story about a little girl born from a barley seed, and who encounters many adventures. She escapes from the frogs in her birth pond, but falls directly into the claws of a beetle, who soon leaves her, and the poor girl is left alone in the cold dark forest. Then she meets a field mouse who introduces her to a mole, and this meeting almost turns into a wedding.  Fate has prepared for Thumbelina many adventures and encounters, from which she will take her lessons. Little Thumbelina has a big kind heart, which helps her to save herself through it all, and during her travels, save a swallow. He in turn takes her to warm lands, where Thumbelina falls in love with the king of elves, and he with her.


Retold by Clara Wedersøe Strunge

Illustrated by Julia Gukova

 Publisher: Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen

 Published: 2021

ISBN DK: 9788794005203

ISBN ENG: 9788794005197

Length: 48 pages

Size: 150 mm x 10 mm x 230 mm

Contents: “Thumbelina”

Published in Danish, English and German