The Tinderbox is a tale about a brave, lucky soldier who gets away with deceiving a terrible witch, escaping execution, and in the end marries a beautiful princess. The soldier is presented to us as a hero who gets his way at almost any means; he manages to take possession of a magic Tinderbox, kills a witch, cheats the queen and king into pardoning his execution and marries their daughter, the princess with whom he was in love.  But note that the main character can also be seen as frivolous and cruel.  The illustrations of the talented artist Igor Oleynikov only emphasize the duality of the character of our soldier. 


Retold by Clara Wedersøe Strunge

Illustrated by Igor Oleynikov

Publisher: Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen

Published: 2021

ISBN DK: 9788794005111

ISBN ENG: 9788794005067

ISBN GE: 9788794005388

Length: 48 pages

Size: 150 mm x 10 mm x 230 mm

Contents: “The Tinderbox”

Published in Danish, English and German