The Steadfast Tin Soldier

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The story is about a tin soldier, who from his very birth turns out to be “not like everyone else” all tin soldiers are on two legs, but this one is one-legged and at the same time, of course, the most steadfast of all.

Our soldier falls in love with a paper ballerina, but the forces of evil are going to prevent this high, beautiful love. 

The illustrations in this book will instantly immerse the children in the world of a fairy tale and will carry them along on a journey on a paper boat with the steadfast tin soldier. 

Retold by Clara Wedersøe Strunge

Illustrated by Gaëlle Vejlupek

Publisher: Hans Christian Andersen Copenhagen

Published: 2021

ISBN DK: 9788794005180

ISBN ENG: 9788794005173

Length: 48 pages

Size: 150 mm x 10 mm x 230 mm

Contents: “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”

Published in Danish and English

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